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Amazing attorney!!!!  Everything you want for an attorney.  Tate Lounsbery is the real deal. He is everything you would want and expect in an attorney and surpasses any standard you could set. He represented me in a trial that began and ended in almost a year.  Even though he was going against a very veteran attorney his trial skills made what I initially thought as a skilled opposing attorney, seem incompetent.

He is a very skilled and experience trial attorney.  I hired him because I had my trial pending…I chose Tate because I believed he had the ability to represent me. He exceeded my expectations. Even now as I look back I feel very fortunate.

If you’re going to trial you definitely want him. Besides his ability, he is a hard worker. Not only did I appreciate his ability as an attorney, I was even more impressed with his professionalism with everyone. Even when the opponents were derogatory and spiteful, he maintained his professionalism and was always friendly.

He was very reasonable and I cannot say enough about him not only as an attorney but also that he is a remarkable person.


Tate Lounsbery is an excellent choice to represent you in your criminal defense. Responsive, intelligent, and down to earth. My experience with him as an attorney representing me through my court proceedings could not have been more soundly advised.

Needless to say, when you are accused of crimes, you can find yourself absorbed in anxieties pertaining to your case. At every turn, Tate was available to answer concerns, inform me of my rights, and represent me in a manner which exceeded my expectations.

Through Tates experience as an qualified attorney, he was able to get the three charges against me dismissed. This outcome exceeded my expectations and I would use Tate again if I ever found myself in need of an excellent attorney ever again.


All of my questions were answered thoroughly.  All of my concerns were resolved.  Everything I wanted to avoid was avoided.  I was extremely happy with the way my case ended.  You did way more then I ever expected.  I was not expecting such a good turn out.  You were very helpful in explaining every detail of what was happening and how to get the best results.  The whole experience was a lot better than I expected.  I don’t think it could have gone any better.  I would recommend you to anyone who needed help in a legal matter.  You did a great job and we really appreciate your help.


I was being taken advantage due to my good nature. I contacted Tate a couple days before a court hearing. His direction was precise. His knowledge of the laws affecting my case was excellent. At a point during the hearing; the Judge was forced to check his “rules book” to verify what Tate was proposing. Of course; I was in awe…Tate handled my case in a very professional manner…Tate saved me.


Competent and caring.  If you are a concerned family member, this is your attorney. He handled our case with the greatest of competency, ensuring my son’s future was not negatively impacted.


Tate Lounsbery was very knowledgeable…he was very professional, courteous, and laid out a very detailed plan…I really appreciate his efforts and am eternally grateful. Thanks so much Tate, you were stellar.


I’m happy I hired Tate Lounsbery because he’s very friendly and educated.  He helped me with my case in a timely manner.  Thanks Tate.

Randy J.

I hired Tate because he has a track record that appeals to my expectations of a defense attorney for my situation.  After speaking to different law firms I am confident that Tate is best suited to represent me.  I understand that there are no guarantees in the court of law but I also feel that Tate will help me seek the best outcome possible.

Derek C.

Tate is very friendly and relaxed and kept me well informed of my situation as well as his plan to fight the charge.


The best criminal defense lawyer!  I am writing this review to highly recommend Tate Lounsbery as the attorney to call as your defense lawyer.  He is a great professional and over exceeded all my expectations.

Helena C.

You did a great job of answering all of my questions and concerns.  You made me feel secure when I got in contact with you!  My goals were met.  Every time I had a concern or question you gave me a great explanation.  I liked your strategy of extending the process to prove my innocence!  You are very professional and showed confidence when we were at trial.  I was recommended by another attorney to hire you.  After looking at your website and reading about you I felt you were the right attorney.  I will recommend you to anyone in need of an attorney.  Thank you for everything overall!  You did a great job!  Keep it up!  God Bless you greatly!


The process was well understood.  And I received answers to all my questions.  Everything was resolved.  Tate helped me to avoid being taken advantage of just in the nick of time.  My goals were met.  I am pleased with the way the case ended.  I would definitely recommend his services to family and acquaintances because of his ability to start with a bang, and, of course, his knowledge.  It really showed in the courtroom.

Robert C.

Attorney Lounsbery, I want to thank you for everything. I am extremely satisfied with the work and care you have provided me in regards to my case. I appreciate your hard work, kindness, and concern. Thank you so much.

Glyn C.

I’m happy I hired Tate Lounsbery because he took an honest interest in taking care of my case, was available any time I contacted the office and very professional.  Thank you!

Alina E.

He did a very good job for me.  He has a very good attitude towards working with the other people involved and has a very soothing way of getting people to work together and I highly recommend this person to any of my friends to seek assistance.

Robert A.

I’m happy I hired Tate Lounsbery because he explained all of my options in a very easy to understand way.  He is very professional and goes out of his way to accommodate any needs of his clients.

Shawn B.

I hired Tate because I read his reviews and was impressed with the questions he asked when I contacted him.

Charles R.

Mr. Lounsbery is a 5 Star Attorney.  He was responsive, non-judgmental, and attentive. He was extremely successful in assisting my family. We are very grateful – Thank you, Tate!

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